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Chicago Area Wrecks

Down She Goes!

Windy City DIving M/V Buccaneer Chicago’s newest dive site is ready. Built in 1925 as an Ice Breaker, the M/V Buccaneer is resting upright on the bottom of Lake Michigan, 10 miles off Chicago in 70FFW. View Video


Windy City DIving Illinois & Holly Barge At the time of her sinking in 1907, the Illinois was the largest hydraulic dredge on the Lake. Today she rests in 35 feet of water near another dive site, the Holly Barge, Chicago’s first intentional shipwreck.


Windy City DIving Material Service Barge This 239’ self-loading barge was built in 1929. Her unique design allowed her to navigate under the bridges of Chicago without them being raised. She sank during a storm in 1936. Today she sits upright in 30 feet of water. View Video


Windy City DIving Rotarian A 147’ side-wheel paddle steamer that was intentionally sunk in 1937. Today she sits in 85 feet of water. View Video


Windy City DIving St. Mary This 120’ wooden schooner sits in 105 feet of water. Although the wreck has collapsed on itself all the pieces are there including the ship’s wheel, anchors and more. View Video


Windy City DIving Searcher One of the last commercial fishing boats working the southern section of Lake Michigan, this 30-year old, 60-foot/60-ton vessel sunk 17-miles offshore in 145FFW during a storm in December 1985 with the loss of 3 lives.  The USCG helicopter picked 3 other crewmembers from the Lake.


Windy City DIving Straits of Mackinac Intentionally sunk in 2003, this 204′ car ferry offers something for every diver. Sitting upright in 82 feet of water with her main deck just over 45′ down, the “Straits” has become Chicago’s premier dive site. View Video


Windy City DIving Tacoma Sunk in 1929 this 72’ wooden tug sits upright on the bottom in 35 feet of water. The large propeller offers great photos. View Video

The Thomas Hume

Windy City DIving Thomas Hume The schooner Thomas Hume, which was operating in the busy lumber industry hauling lumber from Muskegon to Chicago, went missing with six men aboard during a squall on Lake Michigan on May 21, 1891. View Video


Windy City DIving Wells Burt Sitting in only 40 feet of water, this three masted schooner was built in 1873. Though she sank in 1883, she is considered by many to be one of the best shipwrecks in Illinois waters. View Video


Windy City DIving Wings of Wind Built in 1855 this 130’ wooden schooner sank as a result of a collision in 1866. In salvaging her cargo of coal the stern section of this wreck was destroyed. Resting in 40 feet of water, today you can dive her 65’ bow section with bowsprit and windlass. Many excellent photo opportunities exist.

Winthrop Harbor Area Wrecks


Windy City DIving M/V Rosinco Built in 1916 this 95’ motor yacht was the first diesel yacht on Lake Michigan.  Well appointed above and below deck she was palatial by all standards.  Sitting upright in 185FFW since her sinking in 1928 she lies 10 miles off Kenosha.


Windy City DIving SS Wisconsin This 215’ x 34’  steel hulled vessel sits upright in 130ffw.  When she was built in 1881 she was one of the most expensive, lavish and technologically advanced steamers ever built at the time.  She sunk on ‘Black Friday’ October 29, 1929 with the loss of 9 lives.  Though her superstructure is gone the wreck offers lots of penetration for experienced wreck divers.