What a Difference a Day Makes!

Friday July 1st I met my divers at 0930 and we left the dock a little after 10AM.  The plan for these six divers was two dives on the Mack.  The group was a mixed bag, half experienced, one not so much and two first timers on the Lake.  The weather report called for <1Ft seas with 10kt winds out of the SW.  Wind speed was right but the direction was 90 degrees off.  We had winds from the SE.  As we left Burnham we ran into 1-footers and with their set and our direction of travel we were going to take a quartering sea for the next hour.  As we passed Dever Crib the seas built to 1 -2 footers and by the time we got to the David Wells we were in 2 – 3’s.  I slowed the R/V down and ran the troughs for awhile and occasionally jumped a wave to get us to the Mack.  70 minutes after we cleared the mouth of Burnham we were tying into the bow mooring on the Mack.  Capt. Bob did a quick job or tying us in on the first try.  Not bad time just 10 -15 minutes longer than normal but our first timers and another diver were not thrilled with the conditions and decided to call the dive.   Our three divers in doubles continued to suit up but as the group leader looked over at his non-diving friends he decided that making them suffer while he dove was too much to ask and we called the dive even though the buoy was reading just over 3-feet.  We headed back to Burnham but no one was interested in eating the WCD pineapple and we all blamed the weathermen for a lousy prediction.

The next day the Lake was flat, flat, flat and the skies were sunny.  We were getting the weather they had called for, the day before.  We had a nice group of divers, though mostly newer divers.  With the 3-foot seas the day before I was afraid of the nearshore viz so I decided to head to the Mack for good viz and cooler temps.  Usually the air drops as we head off-shore but we had 80F air all the way to the Mack.  As no one in this group was wreck certified I decided to take the stern mooring so that they could drop into the engine and boiler rooms without  much trouble.  The divers had a great dive in 47F water and had rail-to-rail viz.  Next stop. . . Wells Burt!  Our divers hit the 63F water (surf) and explored this grand old lady.  While they were down the clouds moved in an the temp dropped about 10 degrees and the wind picked up to about 10kts.  The divers didn’t care because they had 50ft of viz and 53F water.  The thermocline was right at the deck so they were barely effected.  It was quite funny to hear the divers describe how much warmer this wreck was as it was only 6 degrees warmer.

Sunday July 3rd was just the same, a great day on the Lake.  We had a boat full of divers and we headed to the Buccaneer.  The viz was 50-Feet and the water temp was 53F.  The Bucc gave our divers a great dive.  Next dive the Tacoma.  The winds had picked up again but as we were only 3-miles off-shore our sea state was still just around 1-foot.  The Tacoma proved to be an excellent choice as our divers got to spend alot of time on her and explored her many interesting parts.

We didn’t dive Monday but the Lake was just beautiful.  I hope everyone had a great 4th of July.  Happy Birthday America!