Opening Day 2012


Well the 2012 Windy City Diving dive season is officially underway! This past Sunday we ran two charters to the Mack and everyone had a great time.

After getting skunked the previous weekend I was really hoping to get out on the Lake.  On Thursday I was coming back from Michigan and saw that the near shore waters where muddy, very disheartening. Then as the weekend approached the weather forecast was looking somewhat iffy.  I had a group of divers planning on diving the near shore wrecks of the Wells Burt and Wings of Wind on Saturday.  On Friday the weather forecast predicted 3-footers, which are doable but it also called for rain and cooler temps which did not sound like fun and combining that fact with what I expected to be bad viz I canceled Saturday’s dive on Friday.  It turned out to be a very good call as the waves developed to 5-feet.

Sunday was the day!  Before leaving home I checked the buoy and she was reading 1.3 feet.  Good!  The forecast called for 2-4’s but based on the wind vectors I was thinking more 2’s than 4’s.  As I was driving in the sun was coming up and the sky was red! I questioned myself as I remembered my sea scout warning:  “Red sky at night, sailors delight; red sky in morning sailors take warning.”  Once at the harbor I immediately checked the NOAA realtime data again and it still seemed all was good.

We loaded up the boat and I tell everyone that the first part of the ride will be bumpy but once we clear the crib line we should be good.  As we pulled out of Burnham and the divers saw the 3 foot confused seas and muddy waters they began to question my call.  I assured them all was fine.  After passing Dever crib the wind direction changed and seas began to settle.  10-minutes from the Mack I told Myron from EWS to suit up as I did not expect to find a buoy on the wreck and that he would need to deploy a “temporary marker”. To everyones’ surprise as we pulled up on the Mack, there was the bow marker buoy!  John from IID went to the bow and tied us in.  (That’s right all you dive store owners, you can share the boat with another store and everyone can still get along with one another.)

Anyhow, we punched out 2-dives here as the viz was “rail-to-rail” and 3-burbot were spotted on the wreck. In between dives we munched on WCD pineapple and mangoes.  The afternoon dives were very similar.  The wild thing was as we were getting ready to depart Burnham, I got a call from another boater telling me he was in 4 & 5 footers at 95th Street, a mere 9 miles to the south.