Memorial Day Weekend

Well the month of May has come and gone and WCD finished off the month with a good set of dives on the Mack.
The weatherman had called for sunny skies and <1-foot seas and though he got the sea state right we had over-cast skies and 60’s for a temp. The day before we had >8’s and the near shore waters were murky.  I originally had planned a trip to the Bucc and then a second dive on the Holly but diving in pea soup is fun for no one.  I took a quick poll of the my 6 divers and decided to make two dives on the Mack so as to offer them the best viz available.  I just didn’t think it was right to charge them for a crappy dive.  I had planned a Memorial Day with a “Military Special” for all vets and active duty @ 50% off, but the weather was looking dicey so I moved the two I had signed up onto Saturday’s trip and we headed to the Mack.
In short order we were sterned-in on the Mack as the Lake was flat.  We had a 4-drysuit divers, 1-framer john wetsuiter and (1) 7mm jumpsuit diver.  So I ask the jumpsuiter where the rest of his suit is, I was assuming he had a hooded-vest or something and he says his friend in full farmer john wetsuit said he would be “fine”.  My thought . . . “some friend”!  So I fired up the starboard engine and turned the heat on, knowing full well that the guy in the jumpsuit is going to need some heat and helped everyone into the water with my wetsuit guys being last.
Water temp was 46F at the surface and there was no discernible themocline.  Viz outside the wreck +20′ and +40′ inside the Mack.  BTW, the jumpsuit descended about 10-feet and called the dive and yes, he did enjoy the heat once he was back on board.
This weekend I have space available both Saturday and Sunday.  The weatherman is calling for warmer air temps and flat seas all week so we should have some great diving for the first weekend of June, even for you wetsuiters.