Mack X 2

This past Sunday we ran a charter to the Mack for 2-dives and everyone had a great time.

I met my boat load of divers around 0800.  Our plan was to wait until 0830 to depart as I wanted to get a cooler full of hot water for the divers.  We waited but the harbor staff did not arrive as advertised, so to avoid the predicted afternoon showers, I motored over to the yacht club to access their bathrooms.  We picked up 5 gallons of warm water and the divers got rid of some morning coffee.

We departed Burnham at 0850.  The wind and waves were running out of the northeast  and had a nice ride to the Mack in 1 – 2 foot seas. We were tied into the bow mooring on the Mack by 0950.  Along the way we saw only one other boat.  The plan was to punch out 2 dives here as independent scuba instructor Duane Johnson was teaching a wreck class.  The Mack is perfect for teaching so running 2 dives here is no problem.
Our group of divers included  a husband and wife team from Washington state and one diver originally from Brazil and now residing in Saudia Arabia.  None of the three had dove the Great Lakes before but as the Washington couple dove the northwest and they were in drysuits I was not worried.  On the otherhand, Maria from Brazil, though an advanced open water diver, had never been in cool water and she was in a wetsuit. This had me wondering.  The water was a ‘balmy’ 47F and I knew that the warm water we brought would be an asset.  The expressions I got from everyone as I put their gloves in the warm water was funny, but this old ice diving trick works and everyone really appreciated it for dive two.

Viz ran around 30 feet.  Water temp was 47 F top to bottom and Maria punched out two 25-minute dives on the Mack.  On the way home I got a call from my wife telling me how hard it was raining in the western suburbs but we only had a little rain and a great lightening show.  Rather than single bolts of lightening we were watching  4 -5 bolts at a time and we saw the Hancock, Trump and Sears buildings get hit, pretty cool.