Hume & Buccaneer Trip

What a great day on the Lake!  This past Saturday was one of those days that was, just perfect, well almost.  We were scheduled dive the Thomas Hume and the weather during the week leading up to Saturday was circumspect at best.  The standard NOAA Marine Weather Report was calling for 2 – 4’s and that makes a 20-mile run unpleasant.  The trip leader was inquiring throughout the week about bailout options but by Friday I assured him that everything was going to be okay for Saturday no matter what the weather report he was reading said.

Sure enough on Saturday morning I woke up to sunshine, <10kt winds and a sore throat and a head cold.  That immediately put the idea of diving out of my head, so I left my tanks at home, grabbed the pineapple and headed to the boat.  When I got to Burnham the divers were unloading their equipment and we loaded up the R/V.  One hour later we were circling around the wreck site looking for a mooring line.  Unfortunately it was sitting on the bottom 147 feet below.  The Lake was as flat as I have ever seen her.  It was like molten glass, the only stir in the water was from the wake of the boat.

We dropped the anchor just off the bow of the Hume and got our divers ready.  Two by two they dropped off the stern into the 39F water.  The water was clear, gin clear and I was sad I wasn’t diving today but being 20 miles off shore one shouldn’t be foolish and diving with a cold is foolish.  I’ll just have to wait for the next time I head back to the Hume.

Well as the divers returned they all expounded on how great a dive the Hume is.  Viz = >120 Feet!  The divers could see from the tip of the bowsprit to the rudder and beyond.  I asked about temp at depth but everyone’s hands were so cold I don’t think they could access their computers.  After we got everybody aboard, I broke out the pineapple and hauled up the anchor, which is no fun by hand though it is a good workout.  We headed to the Buccaneer.  The mooring line was up and we tied up in short order.  Some of the divers swung out cylinders and punched out another great Lake Michigan Wreck Dive.  A burbot was spotted as was a small mouth bass, which I found incredible, as they are more of a shallow water creature.  Anyhow all the divers had a great time and we headed back into the harbor.

The water is cool but the viz is great this time of year.  If you want to visit the SS Wisconsin, another great shipwreck, let me know as I have spots available this coming Sunday May 18th.  We will be heading out of Northpoint.