Dive Log Post

Sunday morning we met at 0730 and we were headed to the Northside for the Rotarian, Straits of Mackinac, and the Wells Burt.  My favorite 3 tanker would be to drop the Rotarian and replace the 3rd dive with the Wings of Wind, but our divers wanted a little depth in their diving.  Sunday morning was just ideal.  Air:  71F, Harbor water: 60F. Sunny skies, 0 seas and a light south wind <4kts.  We left the harbor a little past 0800 sipping our coffee and snacking on these raspberry-vanilla tarts I found at the Jewel.  30 minutes after clearing the harbor we were tied into our mooring on the Rotarian.  Now when most people think about Chicago, they think of the Roaring-20’s and no other Chicago wreck conjures up the image of Al Capone gang more then the Rotarian, as it was a “speak-easy”.  No burbot sighting this time but the divers did enjoy the 44F & 50FT viz water.  With zero waves and sunny skies the short 5-mile run to the Straits of Mackinac was effortless.  Hard to believe you are on an inland sea when the Lake treats you this nice.

As we approached the Mack we spied what we thought was the stern mooring.  The gps was telling me to veer to the northeast but I knew it was set for the bow so I didn’t think much of it until we pulled up to a nice big white balloon that was floating just a mere 100ft off the stern of the Mack.  Alas, no mooring!  Now in the space of 1 month I have lost 2 moorings on the Mack.  Needless to say we were prepared as I had planned to moor the bow of the Mack on this trip anyhow.  So we turn on the sidescan, find the bow, drop our marker buoy and then send DM Mike in with a new mooring.  Congrats to Mike as he set the mooring in less than 4 minutes!  After sterning-in (remember 0 seas) we suited up our divers and they hit the Mack.  A couple toured the outside and Mike took a couple through the inside.  As it was explained to me by one of the divers, “that is a great wreck, I am coming back!”  But what was even better, was the expression on his face is he related the story to us of running into the “Giant Burbot” in the galley.  Dive Report:  “rail-to-rail viz”  and 46F.  To all those involved in the reefing of the Mack, you all did a great service to Chicago’s diving community.  Next step, the Wells Burt.  We cruised over to the Wells at 8 kts as we off-gassed and dined on Jimmy John’s again.  Buoy is up. Yeah!  Next we stern in and get our divers diving.  45 minutes later after mooring up the we pick up our divers and head back the harbor.