Great Memorial Day Weekend of Diving!

Wow!  I think summer is finally here.  We had three great days of diving.  The Lake was so flat that I sterned-in on every wreck every day.  Saturday we had a boat full of divers from CSM.  We departed Burnham a little after 0830 and we were tied into the bow mooring on the Mac in 50 minutes.  Surface water temp was reading 54F.  We had a couple of wetsuit divers and I was a little worried about how they would do as the Lake has been cooler than normal but everyone did fine.  Surprisingly there was no thermocline and around 80 feet of viz.  The only problem was I asked on of the divers to tie a new marker buoy on the stern of the Mack.  I explained that we he got down to the wreck that he should immediately head to the stern or “round-end” of the boat and tie in there.  We he got down to the deck and immediately tied in there so when the dive was over I had was of divers, Ed, who has been diving with WCD for many years in a two-hose regulator, (yes the Mike Nelson type) go down and relocate the new line to the stern.

Once we got everyone on board we headed to the Wells Burt.  After swapping out cylinders and munching on Girl Scout Cookies the divers punched out another dive.  Here the temp was good and there were alewives but the viz had dropped to around 20 feet.  Once we gathered up divers we headed back to Burnham, eating pineapple enjoying the sunshine.

Sunday was “Bike the Drive” so are normal 0800 meet was off the table.  Which was cool as I got to sleep in and spend some weekend time with my family (that’s a rarity in the summer for a boat captain).  Once LSD opened up we got our divers and loaded up.  So I’m going through the liability releases and I see “4 dives”.  I ask if those dives are after being certified and Michael says no, those are my certification dives.  Everyone else has lots of dives and they want to go to the Mac and I have a guy in a wetsuit who’s never dove outside of training, yikes.  Well the Lake is flat and yesterday it was in the mid 50’s so I’m thinking we’ll be okay on the Mac as I got a bunch of established divers watching him.  Well things went off without a hitch.  As the viz was reported down on the Wells the day before, the divers decided to do two dives on the Mac.  Everyone had a great time and can you imagine our new diver Michael having his first day of diving after being certified diving the Best Wreck in Chicago!

Monday was Memorial Day and to remember the sacrifices of others, WCD offers 50% off to our veterans and active military divers.  This year we had 3 active military members on board for a trip to the Buccaneer and Tacoma.  We of course choose the Bucc as it is the only wreck in all the Great Lakes with military service.  On Friday the weather report was sketchy for Monday but our great weather held out and we had a boatful of divers enjoying the holiday.  A couple of weeks ago we were at the Bucc and one of the divers reported seeing a smallmouth bass.  I was skeptical as that is pretty far offshore for a bass, but sure enough one of the divers took pictures of our new resident smallie.  Now I never thought that a bass would make the Bucc its home but I’ve been proven wrong.  The dive went like this, 54F for the 1st 20 feet of particulate ladened water and  than a drop of temp to 41F and crystal clear water.  With such great viz, everyone had a great time even though the temp was on the low side.  My Tide bottle had disappeared so we tied on a new marker and headed to the Tacoma.  There we had no marker but I have the bow and stern marked on my gps so we simply got between the marks and dropped our divers on the wreck.  We set a new marker but they never last here or at the MSB.  Lots of fish and flat water.  Overall, a great way to cap the weekend and support our troops.