Captain’s Log 6/1/2014

June 1st was another great day of diving on the Lake.  It was a great trip for two particular reasons.  First, I had a guy from Finland who had learned in the cold water of his homeland and had done a lot of diving in the Philippines and was very skeptical of diving in Chicago and Lake Michigan.  The second reason was I had on board a couple who have been diving with me for years.  If you have been diving with me at all and the discussion led to weather and Lake Michigan you have heard the story about how one day we put divers in the water in one-foot seas and 25 minutes later I was retrieving divers in 6-foot seas and it built to 8’s on the way home. Well, Deb was one of those divers and she said “what’s all this I read about sterning-in on wrecks?”. We’ll come back to that later.

So during the safety briefing I mentioned the possibility of doing two dives on the Mack and my Finland diver expressed a deep seated desire to do two different sites because he was just visiting and probably would not be back.  I explained to him that viz on near shore wrecks had not been as good as the Mack last week and that if we went shallow he might have bad viz.  In the end, democracy prevailed and the group decided to dive the Mack and the Wells.

As the Lake was flat we were tied into the stern mooring of the Mack in 50-minutes and by the way, we were sterned-in to the amazement and joy of Deb.  So Two Mission Accomplished!  As I was watching everyone get dressed I see a guy in a 7mm jumpsuit.  I asked him if he had a hooded vest to go along with his suit and said no.  Then I asked him where he was from….FLORIDA.  So I did the only thing I could do, I made sure that his zipper was all the way the up and said “see ya soon”.   30 minutes later Florida (Marc) is up and though very cold he had a great dive.  I fired up the motors and got the heater running so that our frozen Florida diver could thaw and I asked him about the dive.  Crystal clear 80-100 viz and the thermocline as 20′ so it was 54F to 42F in short order but at least their safety stop was in warmer water.  After all the divers got on board we headed to the Wells.  Along the way, there was no pineapple as Deb had brought her famous trail mix, which is simply the best.

At the Wells we again stern-in and the divers hit the grand dame of Chicago Shipwrecks.  40 minutes later they surface and I asked my Finnish diver what he thought.  Patrick says ” the dives were way better than he ever imagined”.  Mission One Accomplished!! A new convert to Great Lake Wreck Diving.  They had 40 foot of viz and 58F.

So this week I’m full on Sunday but I have 2-spots open on Saturday (6/7).  The following week I have
2-Spots open on Saturday (6/14) for a trip to the MSB & Tacoma.  Sunday (6/15) is Father’s Day and I generally don’t run a trip as it is hard to sell that day, but I’m thinking $30 OFF for dads and I have 5-spots open.

If you are interested give me a call or shoot me an email.

C’Ya on the Lake,

Cpt. Jim

PS:  Save the Date > Sept. 20th Burnham Harbor Clean-Up Dive