Beating the Heat . . . Mid-Week

Boy it has been hot!  On my last two charters I have gone through a case of water on each trip.  Wednesday we had a two-tank dive scheduled and then we were going to hang out for the fireworks.  I had planned to hit the Mack, but I had 5 wetsuit divers and for two of them it was their first dives after getting certified the week before so we decided to stay shallow and visit the Wells Burt and Wings of Wind.  The Lake was nice.  The SW winds even though running at 10 kts gave us less than 1-foot seas for our 45 minute run to the Wells.  The divers had a great time at both sites.  Viz was close to 40-feet and the temp was running 74 at the surface and 58 at depth.  Plenty of fish (schools of minnows) and crawfish.  After leaving the Wings we slowly cruised over to inside the breakwall to watch the fireworks.  Excellent Show!

Thursday I met my divers at 7AM.  We had a mixed group of tec divers (2 w/ doubles and 1-rebreather) and more recreational divers (singles with stages).  We were headed to the Hume.  The weather report called for 1 -2 footers and SW winds.  As we pulled out of the harbor and headed east we got into 1’s  but I never saw anything more than that.  90 minutes after pulling out of Burnham, Bob & Mike were throwing a marker buoy over the side and getting suited up.  The plan was to have them set a temporary mooring and then redeploy the old mooring which has sunk over the winter.

Heads up for everyone, when you measure your line, measure it TWICE.  I had measured the buoy at 155′ (it was actually 145) and that just doesn’t work in 147 feet of water.  Mike had measured out 150 feet of mooring line and that just cleared the surface of the water, probably 137-FT (just enough to clear the surface but not so easy to tie into.  In any event with some help from my customers we were able to tie the R/V in.

While Bob & Mike worked on sorting out the old mooring line, I got our 6-divers in the water.  Due to the staggering of the divers I was never able to shift the R/V over to the newer but older mooring line so there are currently two lines on site and my marker buoy floated away toward St. Joe.  Anyhow the seas never developed and actually the 1-footers layed down.  The day was great except for the flies, which were biting and biting and biting.  Oh by the way, 20 miles off-shore:  surface temp 75F, 1st themo @ 20FT 63F, 2nd thermo @ 40Ft 46F and viz near 100-FEET.  We know this because Bob & Mike could make out the wreck and they were well past the tips of the masts as they followed down my floating away marker buoy.