Another Great Weekend on the Lake!

Saturday the 9th of July was simply a great day on the Lake.  Days like that are why people buy boats.  I got down to the harbor around 0730.  It was sunny and the temp was 78F.  The barometer was reading a nice high 29.30, indicating a stable weather.  The group first group of Chicago Scuba Meet-Up divers began loading the boat while the Jimmy Buffett music played on the R/V’s stereo.  We pulled out of the harbor at 0829 and headed toward the southern light on Chicago’s main breakwall and then veered due north, we were headed for the Wells Burt.  The wind and waves were zero!  There was not so much as a ripple on the Lake as we worked our way up the Chicago shoreline.  50 minutes after pulling out of the harbor I was backing down on the Wells mooring as we sterned in.  The Lake reminded me of a pond even though 8-days earlier the R/V was being tossed around in 3-footers.  As I grabbed the mooring line I noticed that the viz looked outstanding and I told my boatload of divers to expect the best!  They were not disappointed.  Surface temp was 73F and the thermo was just above the deck where the temp dropped into the upper 50’s, which was ideal, but what was even better was the viz.  The divers reported viz close to 70-FEET.  After a great dive on one of Chicago’s best wrecks we headed to the Wings of Wind.  As the divers noshed on WCD Pineapple I pulled up to the Wings mooring.  The line was a little short so I sterned in again and fabricated and extension.  The divers hit the water and reported another great dive.  They saw lots of juvenile fish (probably shad or spot tail shiners) and viz was as good if not  better than the 70-Feet.

Once back at the harbor we loaded up another boatload of CSM divers and headed to the Buccaneer and then the Tacoma.  The winds had picked up to 8-kts but the pressure was holding at 29.30.  Just as earlier in the day, the boating and diving where simply fantastic.  Even though we could no longer stern-in, due to the 1-foot waves, it was still a great day on the Lake, except for the flies.  Let me just say this, these flies bite.

Sunday we worked out of Wilmette Harbor which meant I had to get up early, but the 60-minute solo run up the Lakefront in flat flat seas is one of my favorite things to do.  The first charter was for two-dives on the Mack and the second charter was Mack and Wells.  Viz for both wrecks was near 70-feet.