Another Great Dive Trip in April!!

This past Sunday, Windy City Diving ran its second charter of the 2013 dive season and the viz was +80FT!
Earlier in the week the weather report was calling for sunny skies and flat seas but by Saturday night the sunny skies disappeared but the flat seas remained.  We quickly loaded up six divers from Elmer’s, Myron and one of our new dive masters Dan and head to the Mack.  55 minutes after pulling out of Burnham we sterned in on the stern mooring and splashed in our divers.  I sent Dan to the Mack’s bow with a new marker, so now there are two temporary markers on the Mack.
Shortly after Dan set the bow marker, a private boat out of Belmont Harbor pulled up and hooked up.  Water temp was 42F and viz was +80FT.
After we collected our divers we headed to the Wells Burt.  My intention was to set a marker and get the divers in the water but last year’s was up so we again sterned in sent the divers diving.  Water temp was 44F and viz was again +80FT.
The wind began to pick up and just as I was contemplating moving the mooring to the bow the divers began surfacing. The Wells is such a pretty wreck when the viz is good and everyone had a great dive.
Next stop, the Wings of Wind.  Again the thought process was to set a new marker, but last year’s marker was slightly damaged but up.  Butch and Myron jumped in and I threw them a new “painter” for the marker which they tied in and then they went for a dive.  I couldn’t get anyone else to join them but when they surfaced and said the viz was the best of the day (meaning close to 100 FEET) there were 6 sad faces aboard the Aquatica.
It was time to call it a day so we headed in to Burnham just as the fog/low cloud cover began to settle in over Chicago.  All in all another great day on the Lake.
We are sorting things out for this weekend but the weather is looking iffy for Saturday so we may try to combine two groups into one.
If you are interested in diving the Hume on Sunday give me a call or shoot me an email as that is our planned destination.  Capt. Jim