2013 Dive Season Opens

Well it is official, the 2013 Diving Season is OPEN!  This past Tuesday, Windy City Diving ran its first charter of the 2013 dive season and the viz was awesome!
I had a couple in from South Africa who were doing Route 66 (L.A. to Chicago) and they wanted to complete their experience with a Great Lakes’ Wreck Dive.  I explained to them that it would cold, so before they left South Africa they got checked out in drysuits.
We pushed back the start time to 1000 to let the air temp warm-up and we got the additional benefit of a blue sky.  The trip out to the Mack was our standard 55 minutes.  When we got to the Mack only the stern buoy was up but the painter was missing an eye.  I had Capt. Hank, who was staying with the boat so that I could lead the dive, spin the the boat around and I quickly tied in a bowline.  At that point in time we had <1-footers from the north and a light wind from the NW, so I had Hank shut down the motors and I tied us in on the stern.
We got dressed and splashed into the 39F water.  As soon as I cleared the surface I could see the deck of the Mack waiting for us 60 feet below.  On the descent I could clearly see over 100ft in every direction.
There was not much in fish-life but the viz was amazing.  Once we reached the starboard rail, I led them down to the rudder and then up along the port rail. As we headed to the bow, I stopped off at the little access holes and shined my light on sinks and such.  At the bow, I had them swim off the wreck 30ft so that they could see her majestically sitting on the bottom.  I was amazed at how much erosion had occurred at the bow.  When we got back to the stern, we had a little time left and I led them through the engine room and up out of the boiler room, by then they were chilled and it was time to head to the surface.  Great Dive!
The viz this time of year can be spectacular but to really enjoy it you really need to be dressed appropriately with a good drysuit and the proper undergarments.

I have space available Saturday the 27th if you want to experience some of the best Lake diving there is.

C’ya on the Lake,

Captain Jim