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Lake Up-Dates:

  • Openings:
  • 10/28 - 6-OPENINGS
  • 10/29 - 2-OPENINGS trip to Hume
  • Surface Temp:  55F
  • At Depth:  ???
  • Thermo: @ ??FT
  • Viz:  ?? Ft
  • WCD Updates:
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    • Directions to Windy City Diving, Belmont Harbor: If you are heading North on Lake Shore Drive, exit onto Recreation Drive (this is north of Belmont Avenue Exit) and head South on Recreation Drive until the turn around. Unload and the park your car. If you are heading South on Lake Shore Drive, exit on at West Irving Park Road and head toward the Lake and take Recreation Drive South until the turn around. Unload and the park your car. Parking is approximately $6.00.
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